Garrett Knight Associates Exposed


According to their website, their physical address is Garrett Knight Associates Aria Shinagawa, Level 22, 1-9-36 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan. The ‘Level 22’ surely indicates that GKA are situated in a high-rise building on Level 22?

However, when you type Garrett Knight Associates  into Google Maps you will see Fig 1. When you use Google search engine, Fig 2 appears, and when you zoom into Google Maps, you will see Fig 3. (These images may change from time to time).

Fig 2 and Fig 3 in particular show that there are no high-rise buildings at this address!

(Google also indicates that there is a Mid-Atlantic Restaurant at this address? - see Figs 1 and 2)

Fig 2

Fig 1

Fig 3

Upon further Google Maps investigation we found that Garrett Knight Associates’ address on Google, (which GKA is obviously happy with, or else they would have had it changed), shows as 'Garrett Knight Associates, Aria Shinagawa, Level 22, 1-9-36 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo,Tokyo-to, Japan'.

On Google when I search for Garrett Knight Associates it takes me to the address as detailed and pictured above (Fig 3). This may be due to an incorrect Google pointer-pin placement, but GKA seems happy to leave it reflecting as such, as well as on the Google Search Engine (Fig 2). Why?

Searching for 'Aria Shinagawa' is invalid.

Searching  for 'Konan, Minato' takes one into town.

Searching for '1-9-36 Konan' takes one to a high-rise building. The building address shows 'A,RE,A' and not 'Aria', as in GKA correspodence.

Fig 4 shows the high-rise building.

Fig 5 makes ref to 'A,RE,A' and not 'Aria'.

Fig 6 shows where Google has been told they are (top left) and where they probably are (bottom right).

Fig 7 shows a closer view of where they ‘probably’ are within the city area.

Fig 8 and 9 are aerial views.

GKA has listed their address as 'Aria Shinagawa', yet this building shows 'A,RE,A Shinagawa'. Google cannot find 'Aria Shinagawa, Minato'.

Google maps reply -

”We could not find Aria Shinagawa, Minato”.

“Make sure your search is spelled correctly. Try adding a city, state, or zip code.”

So GKA may have possibly given an address-combination, which includes part correct and part erroneous information, possibly to fool Google maps. But why?

Surely after 10 years of having their website, they’d prefer an accurate Google Maps rendition of their address, OR PERHAPS NOT!! They may be happy with the confusion to misdirect annoyed ‘clients’.

GKA has not corrected this error, is possibly happy with the way it is, or has caused it to be so. It seems that this is their preferred status and they have left it that way (see Fig 1 and 2).

It therefore appears that this may be their true address (Fig 4), but they have left the Google Maps pointer-pin as is, as a deceptive ploy or to mis-direct (see Fig 6, top left).

I think this may cause 'reasonable doubt’ in one's mind when one considers the possibilty of deliberate deception!!

I will let you decide.

Garrett Knight picture high rise building

Fig 4

Garrett Knight picture closeup signage A,RE,A

Fig 5

Fig 6

Fig 7

Garrett Knight A,RE,A building from above - 1 Garrett Knight A,RE,A building from above - 2

Fig 9

Fig 8