Garrett Knight Associates Exposed


 A shortened version of how ‘stock brokers’ Garrett Knight Associates systematically defrauded me of my life’s savings, and then tricked me into borrowing to the brink of insolvency.


A comprehensive account of above summary.

By telling your story you can save others great loss and pain.


A comprehensive email record of the correspondence between myself and a number of ‘stock-traders’ at Garrett Knight Associates.


Eleven major concerns I have with GKA.



(Up to date as of 5 July, 2019)

From Jan through April 2016 I ‘invested’ $64,026 with ‘share brokers’ Garrett Knight Associates (GKA). They appeared to perform spectacularly! In a few months they had seemingly grown my investments to $167,460. Then they informed me that my shares were encumbered with warrants and I would have to come up with an additional $75,000 to exercise the warrants. I applied for a bond on my house, but the bank turned it down. So GKA froze my account and have not returned even one dollar to me.

On 31st August 2017 I received a document stating they had sold my shares and that there is now a cash amount of $165,785 in my account. On 14th September 2017 I asked for this to be repatriated in full to my account in South Africa, but this did not happen.

To make matters worse I have no way of knowing if any ‘shares’ were ever bought, or whether the names of the individual ‘brokers’ I dealt with are real, or even if their office in Tokyo is nothing more than a re-routing exchange! GKA are not regulated by any watchdog organisation such as the SEC (USA) or the FSB (SA), and when you ask them for the name and registration details of their holding company you do not get a reply!

This web site is dedicated to exposing their fraudulent activities so that you will not be financially crippled as I was.

Isaiah 58:6 ….  loose the bonds of wickedness, undo the straps of the yoke, let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke…

17 Strategies that GKA will use to divest you of your wealth.

Boiler Room Scams, Cold Calling and others scammed.


Anomalies with Garrett Knight Associates’ address.



However when you confront Garrett Knight Associates with what you read in this website they will tell you it is all lies! So who do you believe? There is a simply way to discover the truth - ASK THEM FOR YOUR MONEY BACK! You will get some sweet talk, but no money! Very likely they will promise you all your money back, with all the ‘profits’, after you make one final ‘investment’! Their reasons will, as always, seem so convincing. But no matter how much you have lost, please don’t make another fictitious ‘investment’. Tell them the monies you sent them is your money and you want it back! Then your eyes will be opened as mine were and then you will know that all the ‘shares’ you thought you were buying and all the ‘profits’ you thought you were making are pure fabrications! Nothing more than black ink on white paper! So please, cut your losses and do not send them another cent!